VERSES KOSM™ OS Slashes Developer Barrier to Entry for Building AI Apps – Spatial Web and the Era of AI  – Part 3

What if there was an opportunity to easily build an intelligent AI app, using a developer kit that would provide you with unlimited creative opportunities and use cases for the implementation, without the enormous cost of both time and money?
That’s exactly what VERSES Technologies has created.

The Spatial Web and the Era of AI – Part 1

For the first time in history, the roadmap to AGI is here. Active Inference AI inside of KOSM™ has access to the entire Spatial Web with IoT sensors and cameras and all context markers attached to all objects within all space and time. This AI becomes an ecosystem of Intelligent Agents that are all interoperable over HSTP. This Collective Intelligence is trained on realtime data and evolves making decisions and updating its interior model based on what is happening NOW, not on historical datasets.