Beyond LLMs: Mahault Albarracin on How Active Inference Gives AI a Sense of Self in the World

On November 20,2023, host Denise Holt was joined by Mahault Albarracin, Director of Product for Research and Innovations at VERSES AI, in a recent episode of the Spatial Web AI Podcast for a deep dive into the intricacies of Active Inference AI and its implications for the future of artificial intelligence.

Unlocking the Future of AI: Active Inference vs. LLMs – The World vs. Words

In a world where AI reigns supreme, there is a question looming among the tech elite: Are we on the cusp of true intelligence, or are we merely toying with sophisticated text generators? As we marvel at the prowess of Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT, Claude, and others, it’s time to investigate a bit further and seek answers. Beyond the hype and fascination, lies a catalyst for change and remarkable innovation, fundamentally redefining what AI means: Active Inference AI.

Navigating the AI Revolution with Dr. Jacques Ludik: Insights on Active Inference, Ethics,and AI’s Societal Impact

Join our conversation in this episode of the Spatial Web AI Podcast, where host Denise Holt engages with Dr. Jacques Ludik, a renowned global AI expert, smart tech entrepreneur, founder of multiple AI companies, and best-selling author, as they dive into a myriad of topics encompassing AI’s future, its ethical implications, and its transformative impact on society. Explore the intricacies of neural networks and Active Inference AI, discussing the broader societal implications of AI, including its role in empathy, privacy, and AI governance.

Special Guest: Professor Bert De Vries | Active Inference & First Principles AI

Explore the fascinating world of Active Inference AI and the Free Energy Principle developed by Dr. Karl Friston in this episode of the Spatial Web AI Podcast, as host, Denise Holt, welcomes Dr. Bert De Vries, Professor at Eindhoven University of Technology. #ActiveInference
Discover how the Active Inference approach to AI follows the principle of least action and describes how information processing occurs in biological systems like the brain.

VERSES AI Demos ‘Genius™’ AI Platform: Pioneering the Future of AI with Active Inference

“What you’re about to see is akin to, I believe, a moment like the launch of the first rocket or the Kitty Hawk moment…So I want you to think about that moment when you first saw something completely new in technology.” 
– Gabriel Rene, CEO VERSES AI

…Artificial intelligence is at a critical juncture in its evolution, and today’s LIVE demonstration of VERSES AI’s “Genius™” AI platform showcases a promising new direction for the field. In this presentation, CEO Gabriel Rene and his team provided a first look at how Genius™ is redefining the future of AI through its innovative approach rooted in Active Inference, First Principles AI, and Shared Intelligence.