Turning Point in AI - Leaders Rally for a Natural AI Initiative

A pivotal roundtable discussion held by the Boston Global Forum, the Active Inference Institute, and the Neuropsychiatry and Society Program on December 12, 2023, marked a significant turning point in our understanding and development of artificial intelligence.

This group of leaders came together to to discuss a letter signed by 25 neuroscientists, biologists, physicists, policy makers, AI researchers, entrepreneurs, and directors of research labs on a joint initiative proposing a radical rethinking of AI’s trajectory, advocating for a model of AI that is fundamentally different from the data-intensive, computationally expensive systems that dominate today’s landscape.

Their meeting signifies growing momentum behind a new approach to AI called Active Inference, developed by world renowned neuroscientist, Dr. Karl Friston, Chief Science Officer at VERSES AI, that leads to more transparent, ethical and beneficial intelligent systems.

VERSES AI Announces AGI Breakthrough: Invokes Open AI’s ‘Assist’ Clause

In an unprecedented move by VERSES AI, today’s announcement of a breakthrough revealing a new path to AGI based on ‘natural’ rather than ‘artificial’ intelligence, VERSES took out a full page ad in the NY Times with an open letter to the Board of Open AI appealing to their stated mission “to build artificial general intelligence (AGI) that is safe and benefits all of humanity.”

Exclusive: Dr. Karl Friston Unveils Cutting-Edge Active Inference AI Research at IWAI

Denise Holt, reporting LIVE from IWAI 2023. In this groundbreaking video, Dr. Friston unveils his latest research on Active Inference, shedding light on its potential as a systematic blueprint for Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). Watch as Friston and his VERSES team pioneer a new kind of AI that mimics biological intelligence, making any data ‘smart’.