VERSES AI Compared to OpenAI | A Conversation With ChatGPT4

In a mere three question conversation with ChatGPT4, the OpenAI bot provided a solid basis for understanding the greatest issues facing Machine Learning LLMs, the advantages of Active Inference AI over LLMs, and the way in which the next evolution of the internet protocol, the Spatial Web, when combined with Active Inference AI, can function as a nervous system for a company, city, or even larger systems.

AI – The Maker vs. the Operator, LLM vs Active Inference

VERSES AI has overcome the limitations of machine learning AI, by building a new kind of artificial intelligence based on a real-time world model described as:

“AI that grows in knowledge, perception, and awareness through the evolving real-time data produced by all things, at all times, throughout our living, breathing, and ever-changing world.”
This is Active Inference AI, an entirely new type of networked AI that is designed for Real-Time Operations, including things like managing the daily operations of a hospital, an airport, global supply chains, an entire smart city, global drone and autonomous vehicle traffic, and other real-world activities.