The Ultimate Resource Guide for Active Inference AI - 2024 Q1

The Most Complete Repository of Research Links and Educational Content on the VERSES AI Technology & Active Inference AI

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2024 — The Year Active Inference Agents Come to Life

Have you heard the recent news about an entirely new paradigm shift for AI, called Active Inference, based on the same mechanics as biological intelligence?


Can you feel the excitement brewing about an advanced framework for AI that is knowable, explainable, and capable of human governance? A novel system that is able to overcome the limitations of machine learning?


Are you curious to learn about these new distributed collectives of Intelligent Agents that continually refine their world models by accumulating evidence through the experience gained from their particular frame of reference, resulting in intelligence arising from the process of resolving uncertainty — an intelligence that is self-organizing, self-optimizing, and self-evolving.

Are you ready to tap into this new era of technology, but you’re not sure where to start?

If you’re like hundreds of others who have been reaching out to me recently on Medium, LinkedIn, and my other channels, excited to get your hands on some of the research behind the VERSES AI technology so that you can gain a better understanding of how it works, the science behind it, and what makes it so different from current Deep Learning AI; If you’re hoping to find your place and carve a path into this new world of innovation, then keep reading because I’ve got you covered. I’ve done a lot of the heavy lifting and organization for you — spending much of my holiday time over the past few weeks gathering and assembling an extensive catalog of the best videos, references, tools, content, and helpful links available for anyone who wants to get a handle on this next era of computing, so you can save time trying to find the right information and sources and dive right into the fascinating world of Active Inference AI and the Spatial Web. (BTW, this is such NEW and evolving data, it is NOT something you can just ask ChatGPT for.)

What Did I Do?

I’ve created a huge, comprehensive, all in one repository with lists and links to everything you need to get you up to speed and hit the ground running— everything from the most relevant research papers, education materials, blogs, podcasts, interviews, even who to follow on X / Twitter.

And the best part: this is the first of many editions to come. I will be updating this resource guide quarterly, growing these lists so you will always have the latest research and resources at your fingertips.

(Additionally, if there is anything or anyone you feel I may have missed in this Q1 edition, please feel free to reach out to me and let me know so I can consider including it in my next edition.)

In this Ultimate Resource Guide for Active Inference AI | 2024 Q1, you will find SIX different lists with links and info to:

  • 90 of the most relevant scientific research papers, organized by dates of the most recent discoveries, dating back to 2020, including author names, links, and abstracts within the document, itself.
  • 37 of the most educational and informative Articles about VERSES AI Technology, Karl Friston, Active Inference, and the Spatial Web Protocol, organized by dates published, with title, author and direct link.
  • 74 Videos and Interview Links about the VERSES AI tech, Dr. Karl Friston, Active Inference AI, the Spatial Web Protocol, and interviews with many of the Key People Involved.
  • Lists of YouTube Channels and Podcasts with Links to Subscribe to and Follow for continual education and information about the ongoing evolution of this new technology.
  • Lists of Websites and Books to Follow with direct links to learn from, read, share, and stay up to date with the next decade of technological progress.
  • Plus, 50 of the Top People — innovators & researchers — to Follow in the Active Inference AI space, including their X/Twitter Handles with links for up to the minute posts about VERSES AI technology, Active Inference AI, and the Spatial Web Protocol.

Screenshots of the six resource guide Excel sheet tabs

To give you a taste of this work in progress, here’s just a sample of what’s included in this enormous resource guide:

Here are 5 of the 90 Most Recent Scientific Research Papers Relevant to Active Inference AI that are Included in this resource guide:

(Minus the abstracts, which are included directly within the resource guide.)

  1. 2023–12–22 Shared Protentions in Multi-Agent Active Inference — Mahault Albarracin * Riddhi Jain Pitliya,Toby Benedict St. Clere Smithe, Daniel Ari Friedman , Karl Friston, Maxwell J. D. Ramstead —
  2. 2023–12–16 Active Inference and Intentional Behaviour — Karl J. Friston1,2, Tommaso Salvatori2 , Takuya Isomura3 , Alexander Tschantz2 , Alex Kiefer2,4, Tim Verbelen2 , Magnus Koudahl2 , Aswin Paul2,6,9 , Thomas Parr4 , Adeel Razi6,7,8, Brett Kagan10, Christopher L. Buckley2 , and Maxwell J. D. Ramstead1,2 —
  3. 2023–11–17 Supervised Structure Learning — Karl J. Friston, Lancelot Da Costa, Alexander Tschantz, Alex Kiefer, Tommaso Salvatori, Victorita Neacsu, Magnus Koudahl, Conor Heins, Noor Sajid, Dimitrije Markovic, Thomas Parr, Tim Verbelen, Christopher L Buckley —
  4. 2023–11–14 Generating meaning: active inference and the scope and limits of passive AI — Giovanni Pezzulo 1, Thomas Parr 2, Paul Cisek 3, Andy Clark 4, Karl Friston —
  5. 2023–09–13 Relative representations for cognitive graphs — Alex B Kiefer, Christopher L Buckley 

5 of the 37 Most Recent Articles About VERSES and Active Inference AI:

7 of the 74 Top Videos & Interviews:

  1. The Year in AI 2023 by VERSES AI — December 21, 2023
  2. STEPHEN WOLFRAM + KARL FRISTON — OBSERVERS [SPECIAL EDITION] by Machine Learning Street Talk — October 29, 2023
  3. Special Guest Dan Mapes — Founder, VERSES AI | The Spatial Web & Active Inference AI by Spatial Web AI Podcast — March 31, 2023
  4. Gabriel René, Founder and CEO of Verses AI — FinTech TV interview by VERSES AI — November 8, 2023
  5. ActInf GuestStream 046.1 ~ Denise Holt, “Active Inference AI & the Spatial Web” by Active Inference Institute — June 23, 2023
  6. Beyond LLMs: Mahault Albarracin on How Active Inference Gives AI a Sense of Self in the World by Spatial Web AI Podcast — November 30, 2023
  7. OpenAi AGI Verses AI by Real Creative Agency — December 13, 2023

15 of the 50 Top People to Follow:

  1. Denise Holt @deniseholt_
  2. helloVERSES @helloVERSES
  4. Gabriel Rene @GReal1111
  5. Dan Mapes @DanMapes
  6. Karl Friston @FristonKar62397
  7. Maxwell Ramstead @mjdramstead
  8. Mahault Albarracin @MahaultAlbarra1
  9. capm petersen @capm_p
  10. Jason Fox @JasonGFox
  11. Philippe Sayegh @Phishams
  12. Active Inference Institute @InferenceActive
  13. Taylor MacDonald @TaylorMacdonald
  14. Jacques Ludik @jacquesludik
  15. Bert de Vries @bertdv0

… And there’s so much more! This sample is just a fraction of the depth and wealth of content and references you will find in this complete Ultimate Resource Guide for Active Inference AI | 2024 Q1.

The future of AI is shared, distributed, and multi-scale; AI that is knowable, explainable, and capable of human governance; Based on the same mechanics as biological intelligence, it operates in a naturally efficient way, with no big data requirement.

By rooting AI firmly in the fundamental laws governing living cognition, this pioneering approach ushers in a new era of explainable, programmable, and collaborative AI, providing a compass for navigating the promise and perils of Autonomous Intelligent Systems, with an unprecedented cooperation between human and machine cognition.

2024 is the year VERSES AI is launching their platform enabling anyone to build an Active Inference Intelligent Agent. Now is the time to prepare and learn more.

Are you ready to dive in? … You will find the entire downloadable resource guide available right here on my Spatial Web AI Substack Channel:

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