“Deep Learning is Rubbish” — Karl Friston & Yann LeCun Face Off at Davos 2024 World Economic Forum

In a panel hosted by the Financial Times at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, two of the biggest names in artificial intelligence — Dr. Karl Friston of VERSES AI, and Dr. Yann LeCun of Meta — discussed their aligned, yet contrasting visions for the future of AI, with Friston proclaiming, “Deep Learning is Rubbish,” with Yann LeCun asserting, “The future of AI is non-generative.”

Exclusive: Dr. Karl Friston Unveils Cutting-Edge Active Inference AI Research at IWAI

Denise Holt, reporting LIVE from IWAI 2023. In this groundbreaking video, Dr. Friston unveils his latest research on Active Inference, shedding light on its potential as a systematic blueprint for Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). Watch as Friston and his VERSES team pioneer a new kind of AI that mimics biological intelligence, making any data ‘smart’.