Spatial Web AI Podcast

The Future of Artificial Intelligence and Web 3.0

The Spatial Web AI Podcast is available on YouTube, Spotify, and everywhere podcasts are available. This channel will serve as your guide to navigating through the highly anticipated waves of technological advancement, uniquely fusing the Spatial Web Protocol (HSTP & HSML), Intelligent Agents, and an entirely new kind of AI called, Active Inference AI.


Welcome to the cutting-edge frontier of artificial intelligence and the next phase of the internet evolution!


We stand on the edge of an exciting new era… My mission? To shine a light on this rapidly accelerating tech evolution, breaking down complex concepts to make it easy for anyone to understand. Spotlighting the imminent convergence of smart technology stacks, imagine a world where humans and machines, along with AI, AR, Virtual Reality, IoT, and DLT unite onto one common, universal network of distributed intelligence – the Spatial Web. That’s the future we’re exploring!


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