Special Guest: Dan Mapes
President and Founder, VERSES AI

Spatial Web AI Podcast Episode 2

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Spatial Web AI Podcast Episode 2

Excerpt: [Dan]: “So that’s the magic that’s taking place at VERSES AI right now, is this extraordinary research that’s been going on at the University College of London under the direction of Dr. Karl Friston, along with our teams working in traditional artificial narrow intelligence, and using that in this new architectural stack of interfaces, logics, and data frameworks. And we brought that all together with these spatial web protocols.
Wow, that’s it. … Now we can give anybody the ability to create AI applications anywhere in the world, and at any age, and so we’re going to gather the collective wisdom of humanity, and then link it all together. And then AI becomes a larger meta AI, and has access to all of that to help us manage the planet, as an example.” 
In this episode, I had the pleasure of sitting down with a dear friend of mine, Dan Mapes, Co-Founder & President of VERSES AI, and Director of the Spatial Web Foundation, as we discussed what’s launching this summer with his company VERSES AI, arguably the most important company in AI technology and the next evolution of the Internet of Everything.
Get ready to have your mind blown. 
Watch the full episode for a front row seat into how this revolutionary Active Inference AI along with the Spatial Web Protocol becomes what Dan describes as an “autonomous nervous system for the planet.”
Special thanks to Dan Mapes, for being on our show!
And special thanks to Jacob DiSalvo, our Correspondent on the Street, for gathering the burning questions that people want to know. 
If you’d like to know more about The Spatial Web, I highly recommend a helpful introductory book written by Danl and his VERSES Co-Founder, Gabriel Rene, titled, “The Spatial Web,” with a dedication “to all future generations.”

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