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Special Guest: Gabriel Rene
CEO and Co-Founder VERSES AI

Spatial Web AI Podcast Episode 1

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Spatial Web AI Podcast Episode 1

In the first Episode of my new show, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Gabriel Rene, CEO and Co-Founder of VERSES AI, Executive Director of the Spatial Web Foundation, and Chairman of the IEEE Working Group for the Spatial Web Protocol.


In this super fun conversation musing on the benefits and future of AI, we examined everything from identifying mystery plants, to his love (mild obsession?) of Brazil, and all things in between!


Listen in and watch, as we discuss his background and what led him on this journey to co-found one of the most important companies in artificial intelligence technology – VERSES AI, and the next evolution of the internet, known as the Spatial Web.


Topics covered:

  • What is the Spatial Web vs. WWW?
  • The new internet protocols, HSTP & HSML – why are they necessary, and what do they do?
  • Our augmented lives through Active Inference AI, HSTP & HSML, and KOSM OS ™
  • What are Spatial Domains?
  • What is Active Inference AI?
  • Intelligent Agents vs Machine Learning AI
  • The inherent security baked into the Spatial Web and why this is a game changer in artificial intelligence.
  • Issues with ChatGPT4
  • And so much more!

Special thanks to Gabriel Rene, for being on our show!


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Stay tuned for more great episodes where we chat with some of the most important people in AI, take questions from the street, and keep you one step ahead in this rapidly accelerating world of AI and Web 3.0.


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And, of course, if you’d like to know more about The Spatial Web, I highly recommend an awesome introductory best selling book written by Gabriel and his VERSES Co-Founder, Dan Mapes, titled, “The Spatial Web,” with a dedication “to all future generations.”


You can also visit the Spatial Web Foundation and VERSES AI to learn more.


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